Alfred and Hazel Running Slower

I love zsh and ohmyzsh for my command line. It looks great and is very flexible. But, I recently added zplug as well with several great plugins. I would recommend using it. But, you might want to watch out for the “gotcha” that I ran into.

The zplug command runs several checks and loads several scripts each time you load a zsh instance. This does increase the startup time, but I figured that wasn’t much of an issue since I load several instances when I boot the system. I then use these shells for all my work during the day.

Around the same time, I started noticing that my Alfred workflows were getting slower. Since I have over 80 workflows and some of them call others, things were getting very slow. At first, I just thought that I was running too many other programs at a time. But, the more I experimented, the more I realized that the scripts were running slower due to the added time of loading a full zsh session.

Alfred started running shell scripts with full, interactive shells instead of the minimum single execution shells. That way, the .zshrc file is read where many users were keeping path configurations and many programs are adding their preferences to this file as well. Without loading the .zshrc files, many workflows would not work.

I first figured out all the necessary environment variables and made a copy of them in the .bashrc file. My bash files only setup a proper running environment for running programs without any fancy command line colorizations, special prompts, etc. I then went through and changed all my workflows to only use bash and not zsh. I also streamlined my .zshrc file by putting all configurations needed to run program in the .zshenv file and all the interactive shell items in the .zshrc file. Zsh is still somewhat slow at first run, but the added benefits of the plugins are worth it.

Now, all of my Alfred workflows run much faster and I have a great interactive shell experience as well. I did the same optimizations for my Keyboard Maestro and Hazel workflows as well.

I hope this tip will help you as much as it has helped me!

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