BitBar Scripts

BitBar is a great program for putting custom icons in the macOS menubar. Check out my tutorial on BitBar.

Current Files Plugin

This plugin allows you to quickly edit commonly edited files using a selected editor. This plugin works with the BitBar Alfred workflow, but is usable by itself. This plugin requires three files in your home directory:

  • .myCurrentFiles

A list of all files that you want to appear in the menu. One file per line with it’s complete path. You can use ~ for the home directory, but it has to be the first character in the line.

  • .myeditors

This is a list of editors that you want to use with the plugin. It will be shown in the editor list. The format is {Name displayed}|{command or path to the executable}. The only editors that currently have a command setup is sublime, emacs, and vim. You will need to change the plugin for the executable paths of these editors.

  • .myeditorchoice

This is the current editor being used by the plugin. It will contain either sublime, emacs, vim, or the path to the program.

I describe this plugin in detail in my tutorial on Bitbar. The tutorial has a download for the Alfred BitBar workflow as well.

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