S3cmd Workflow

This workflow gives the ability to upload files to Amazon S3 using the s3cmd commandline function. You can download the s3cmd utility at http://s3tools.org/s3cmd. The workflow currently contains a copy of the s3cmd tool. You will need to open a terminal to the directory that contains the workflow to set your s3 credentials. Please see the directions at http://s3tools.org/s3cmd to know how to set it up. Here are the currently supported keywords and file actions:

Command Description
s3c:copydir This keywork allows you to pick a directory that contains videos (mp4 mov). The videos will be copied to the corresponding directory on s3. Make sure to set the base directory using “s3c:base”.
s3c:base You use this keyword to set the base directory for s3. It should be the format of “s3://{bucket}/directory/..”. It has to be set to “s3://{bucket name}” as the minimum.
s3c:target This keyword is used to set a target directory under the base directory to copy individual files to s3 using the file action.
s3c:webheader This keyword is used to set a web header for getting a web friendly url to an item in your s3.
s3c:sbase This will show the base directory in a notification.
s3c:starget This will show the target directory in a notification.
s3c:swebheader This will show the header to make a web friendly address in a notification.
s3c:copy file This file action will copy the file in the Alfred browser to the base and target directory on s3.
s3c:list This keyword action allows you to browse your S3 directory. If you hit “cmd-enter” on an item, it will download it to your Download directory. If you hit “alt-enter” on an item, it will set that directory as your target directory for uploading files. If you hit “ctl-enter” on an item, it will push a web facing friendly url for that item in to the clipboard. If you hit “shift-enter” on an item, it will set the items directory as the base directory for future browsing. If you hit “function-enter” on an item, you can move the item to a new name or location. It will prompt for the new location with a copy of the original item twice. You change the second one. If you start typing after the keyword, your selection will be reduced to selections that match what you type.
s3c:configure This keyword will open a terminal and start the configuration process for the s3cmd command line tool. This has to be done before using the other commands.
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