Compress Image Workflow

This workflow is for compressing png images to a smaller size with scaling. You have to edit the script to your image size you want to scale. Type “ci” and then a name of the image file. A list of images will be shown for you to select the one you want to compress. When using Alfred to browse files, if you view a directory, the compress image command will show in the right arrow menu listing. You can then compress all the files in that directory. You have to have the Image Magick library and utilities already installed to use this workflow. You can now use the ‘ci.ext’ command to set the extension of the final image, which will cause conversion if set to a different type. I also added the ‘png-jpg’ and ‘jpg-png’ commands to simply convert the specifed images to the other format. The ImageMagick library is included now due to many people having problems installing it.

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