My New Helper-Station

It is hard keeping up with all the tabs in Chrome or FireFox. On an average day, I’ll have anywhere from 10 to 30 tabs open at once. Not only is it hard to find the right tab, but my system starts to slow down and sputter with the high memory usage. Therefore, I open and close many tabs to a particular website over and over.

But, I just recently found a new friend that helps with this problem. It’s called Station. This one application allows me to park all of my different web applications (25 normally) that I use daily in one convient place. Not only that, but I have some special pages for each one saved in a sub-list. Now, I use the browser for transitory pages that come and go throughout the day.

By using Station, my CPU is breathing easier and I have more memory for other local applications. Overall, it is really speeding up my workflow.

With the <cmd>-t hotkey, I can search the name of each page quickly and switch to it with ease. The top left corner has a quick switch for the last two pages I was on. I’m still exploring all the different features of Station.

Go give it a try yourself. It’s free!

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